How Ebonyi State Government is Oppressing me, because am from Anambra

How Ebonyi State Government is Oppressing me, because am from Anambra

Good Evening fellow Nigerians. I want to specially appreciate God the Most High for the grace of life and health. I pray that God restore health to the sick and help our leaders to look in the direction of fixing this country. I also want to salute the good work of Ebonyi State Governor, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru for the good work he is doing in Ebonyi State. He is the most mentioned Governor as regards his good start.

My name is Aka Jean-Philips Ifeanyi, from Anambra State and am the CEO of AKAJEAN & COMPANY/BN: 2018666. On August 2022, My Company had an Agreement with Ebonyi State Government to Supply and Install 200Kw (276HP) EBARA FIRE PUMP PACK (Electric, Diesel and Jockey), 2-SETS at Ebonyi State International Airport Onueke. The total Contract sum is Sixty-Eight Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira only and that the payment was to be made in parts which is 70% of the contract sum shall be released for the mobilization, 15% shall be released upon supply of the equipment to site and the final 15% shall be released upon the installation and Testing of the Fire Pumps Sets. And I was given five (5) weeks to deliver. 

As someone who wants to establish a working relationship with the Government of Ebonyi State, I went to Bank and took loan so as to be able to deliver the Job. I contacted my partners in Turkey and begged to accept part payment from me and Freight the necessary equipments required to produce a quality Fire Pumps and they accepted. 

I have supplied the pumps and was paid the 85% which was for the mobilization and supply to site. I have also Installed with Steel Pipes works fabrications and we have Tested the Pump Sets and confirmed that it is performing optimally, with attestation letter requested by the government for my final payment approval.

The Government of Ebonyi State under the Former Governor His Excellency Sen David Nweze Umahi has APPROVED my Final Payments in May and has asked the Accountant General to pay me. Ever since then, they have refused to effect the payment and I have written to them on several occasions and have made huge financial commitment to realize that money. I have been to Ebonyi on right (8) different occasions from Lagos  and on the invitation of the various Government functionaries ranging from Commissioners, SAs, PA and others. I have stayed in a hotel in Ebonyi for 42 days just to make sure that the government pay me this money but to no avail. 

The most worrisome thing about this is that the bank I took loan from has clamped down on my business. I don't have money again to finance the new jobs which I got and things are not funny on my side. None of them at the government house is picking my calls again. 

One of those days I was staying in Ebonyi State, one of my guy came and told me in confidence that I should leave the state. That my continued disturbance of the state government over my money may cost me my life. I quickly took to my heel. 

All I beg Nigerians is to come to my aide and assist me in begging the Ebonyi State Government to pay me my money so that I can pay back the loan I took from bank even if I did not make anything from the job. 

All the documents needed to prove and support every of my claims are with available.

All my efforts to get my payment failed.

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