Gombe bans illegal nightclubs, brothels


Gombe bans illegal nightclubs, brothels

On Friday, Group Captain Bitrus Bilal (retd.), the Chairman of the Gombe State Task Force Committee responsible for shutting down 'gala houses' and joints, issued a ban on illegal nightclubs and brothels. Expressing concern over the increasing transformation of homes in the state, Bilal emphasized that property owners were permitting their premises to be utilized as gala houses, brothels, or unlicensed nightclubs without proper approvals.

The committee had recently closed all local nightclubs, commonly referred to as 'gala houses' in the city, due to reports of criminal activities taking place in these establishments.

Bilal announced, "The ban encompasses the closure and prohibition of any new Gala House, brothel, and all unlicensed nightclubs, among others, from operating within the state." He warned that any landowner allowing their property to be used for such purposes would face confiscation by the government, potential demolition, or conversion for public use as outlined in executive order number 006 of 2023.

Violators of this order, Bilal stressed, would be subject to penalties specified by existing laws, including fines, establishment closures, and legal prosecution. The Chairman expressed his frustration over ongoing challenges, citing reports of illegal and immoral activities in gala houses, brothels, and unlicensed nightclubs. Despite the committee's past efforts, which included demolitions and closures, some establishments still harbored criminals and facilitated illicit activities, undermining the state government's commitment to public welfare, moral values, and the safety of its citizens.

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